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Jelly July


Date / Time

7/25/22, 2:30 AM

Purestmaiden (she/her), Plentiful Pie (she/her)

Hosted by:

It’s time to show off your translucent, wobbly finery at the Show-and-Jell: a combined guessing game, coordinate contest, and DIY showcase! 

Jello or Hell-no: This rapid-fire game pits Bay Area Kei staff against one another in a race to guess your answers to jelly-related questions! Correct answers will be rewarded, but those who guess incorrectly will face dire consequences. Tune in to the panel to submit your answers to our audience survey questions! 

Fashion Jiggle: Our summertime coord contest will feature the Bay Area Kei team showcasing (and profusely complimenting) your best jelly-themed coordinates! DIY-licious Showcase & Contest: Show off your inner Michelan-jello with our summer DIY showcase! You can submit any type of craft or handmade item, whether it’s your best jiggle vid or your cutest jelly-themed illustration. We will present all entries live, and attendees will be given the chance to vote for their favorites at the end!

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