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J-Fashion University

Office Hours

Date / Time

9/5/21, 4:00 PM

45 min

Bay Area Kei Faculty

Hosted by:

Have  any J-Fashion related questions or looking for coord tips? We’ll be  holding Office Hours on our Discord Server before panels start on  Sunday, September 5th at 9:00am! During this time, you can hop into the  “Main Office” voice channel (Under the “Study Hall” category) and ask  your question.

Professors will have their area of expertise noted in  their server nickname (e.g. [EGA/Lolita] Emma) so you can know who to  ask and what to expect. Professors may move you to a more private  channel or Direct Message to answer your question at length 1 on 1. You  are also welcome to use text chat rooms to share any references and  images.

J-Fashion attire is not required for this activity! You are also not required to have your camera on during this time.

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