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J-Fashion University

J-fashion of the Last Decade: Cult Party-kei and Dolly-kei

Date / Time

9/4/21, 10:00 PM

90 min

Avina-Kei (they/them), Melancholiaah (he/him)

Hosted by:

J-fashion trends and movements, due to how reliant they are on stores that provide community spaces and dictate trends, can seemingly disappear overnight. Two fashions from the early 2010s that had fell out of favor by the end of the decade, yet are frequently confused with each other, are Cult Party-kei and Dolly-kei. In this panel, we'll talk about the aesthetics and evolution of the styles, how to bring their influence into your wardrobe, and discuss how they have evolved and currently exist in communities, both online and offline.

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