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Want to help out with Ursa Major and earn a reimbursed badge in the process? If so, please join our volunteer team!

Volunteers are a crucial part of running Ursa Major! We need helpers to handle day-of con tasks and generally lend our staff a helping hand. Shifts will be assigned beforehand, but volunteers need no specialized skills, just an eagerness to learn and help out. Shifts will be assigned around your requested schedule, so that you may still attend the events that you are interested in.

Volunteers are required to work a total of two (2) hours per badged day. This means six (6) hours are required for a full weekend in order to receive reimbursement. They also will be asked to attend one onboarding meeting pre-con. Volunteers are required and expected to follow our code of conduct and be respectful of all attendees and staff at this event.

Volunteer sign-ups are live until November 28th. 

If you are selected to volunteer, you will be contacted via email at any time after your form submission until November 28th.



Are volunteers eligible for a badge refund?

Yes. In order to be eligible for badge reimbursement volunteers must be present and working for a minimum of two (2) hours per day OR six (6) hours total for a full weekend badge. Volunteers will receive a badge reimbursement submission form via email communication from Ursa Major staff. (Read more below).

Do I have to purchase a badge in order to volunteer?

Yes, all volunteers must have already purchased a full weekend badge, or individual day badge(s) in order to be eligible for volunteering.

Full weekend badges and single day badges are both eligible for volunteer refunds.

If I volunteer more than six hours, can my refund be applied to someone else's badge?

No. While we appreciate any extra hours, volunteers may only apply the refund to their own badge.

I have purchased a full weekend badge, but only want to volunteer for one day. Will I be able to receive any reimbursement?

We are prioritizing volunteers who can only work full equivalents to their badge level (e.g. full two (2) hours for one (1) day badge, etc.). Partial refunds may only be considered on a case by case basis after the event with staff approval.


When will I know if I have been selected to volunteer?

We will be contacting volunteers who have been accepted on a rolling basis.

At the earliest: You may be contacted via email on the date you submit your form.

At the latest: The volunteer form will close on November 28th.

When will I be contacted with my schedule?

An official schedule will be given to volunteers closer to Ursa Major. Please stay tuned if you are selected.

I purchased a VIP Shopping Ticket and a Swap Meet table. Will I still be able to participate in VIP Shopping or the Swap Meet?

Yes. We will schedule shopping time into volunteer schedules, including VIP hour for those with tickets and the Swap Meet if you purchased a table.

I want to attend a specific panel or activity. Is this still possible if I’m volunteering?

Yes. After our selections, we will be contacting volunteers with additional scheduling questions to account for any activities or shopping hours, as well as any real-life obligations.

We will ensure that all volunteers still have an enjoyable event and can attend as much of Ursa Major as possible. We will do our best to accommodate any special scheduling requests.

Do I get any special privileges if I volunteer? For example, can I show up before opening hours to shop early?

No. Volunteers will not get special privileges outside of possible scenarios where they may be needed in a private or staff only area.

Unless you have purchased VIP Shopping Hour tickets, or if you have been specifically scheduled to assist in the shopping area in advance, you will not be able to view vendor merchandise or shop earlier than Ursa Major’s designated shopping times.

Will I get a break?

Volunteers and staff who will be working for more than 4 consecutive hours will be allowed at least a 30 minute break that will be scheduled into their day. Outside of this, volunteers are expected to use their judgement to take any short needed breaks, such as using the restroom or getting water.

Can I pick my own volunteer hours?

No, shift scheduling is restricted to staff since we need to plan out and accommodate everyone’s reimbursement hours. If you have any prior obligations, needs, or requirements, we will do our best to schedule that into shifts as needed.

What happens if I am selected to volunteer and I have to cancel?

Please contact us at ASAP if you need to cancel. Volunteers that cancel their participation are not eligible for badge reimbursement.


Will my refund cover a VIP Shopping Ticket or Swap Meet table?

No. We are not reimbursing volunteers for VIP Shopping Hour tickets or Swap Meet tables.

Can I receive reimbursement for travel, lodging, and food?

No. Ursa Major is unable to reimburse volunteers for any food, travel, or lodging.

When will I receive my reimbursement?

Volunteers will receive a form and badge reimbursement via email AFTER the event, after we have signed off on fully volunteered hours.

The deadline to submit the reimbursement form for Ursa Major 2023 on December 15, 11:59 PM Pacific. All badge reimbursements will be processed by December 31. If you do not receive your reimbursement by December 31, please contact us at

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