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Panelist Applications Open: October 8th

Panelist Applications Close: October 31st, Midnight PT


Thank you for your interest in participating as a panelist for Ursa Major 2023! Please read the policies and guidelines below before submitting a panel application form.

  • Please note that due to time constraints, we can only fit a limited amount of content into our programming. We will jury submissions based on (but not limited to) these criteria: Experience in hosting previous panels or workshops, expertise on the proposed topic, uniqueness of topic, and opportunities for audience interaction.

  • We are looking for a wide range of content, from craft workshops, hands-on tutorials, niche J-fashion subjects, events that involve audience participation, as well as content that fits the event theme. While we welcome introductory panels on various J-fashions, we are not prioritizing any Lolita 101 content.

  • Applicants may submit as many panel application forms as they like. We may choose all or none of your submitted panels. Please submit a separate form for each panel application!

  • Panels and workshops may be hosted in a variety of different formats or layouts. Please let us know your needs and we will try to accomodate you in our space to the best of our abilities.  


The majority of all panels and workshops will take place on Sunday, December 10th. We will do our best to accomodate panelist schedule preferences as much as possible. Please make a note of any potential conflicts in schedule in the panel application form.


Are panelists eligible for a badge reimbursement?

Yes, panelists must present a minimum of one (1) hour of content for a full weekend badge reimbursement. Panelists will receive a badge reimbursement submission form via email communication from Ursa Major staff.

Do I have to purchase a badge in order to participate as a panelist?

Yes, all panelists must purchase a badge for the day that they are presenting their panel. Panelists are not required to purchase a badge before panel acceptences have been sent out, but it is strongly advised that they do, as full weekend badges are limited in quantity. 

If I host more than one hour of panel or workshop content, can my refund be applied to someone else's badge?

No - even if a panelist hosts more than one hour of content, they may only apply their reimbursement to their own badge.

If I host an hour-long panel but only purchase a single-day badge, do I receive the equivelent of a full weekend badge back?

No - panelists may only receive back the total amount that they paid for a badge. 

If I purchase a VIP Shopping ticket or Swap Meet table, will my refund cover that as well?

No - we are not reimbursing panelists for VIP Shopping Hour tickets or Swap Meet tables.

Can I receive reimbursement for the cost of my materials?

Unless previously discussed, Ursa Major is unable to reimburse panelists for the cost of any prizes or materials used during a panel. 

When will I receive my reimbursement?

Panelists will receive a badge reimbursement form via email before the start of the convention, and may apply for their reinbursement before the convention, or up to one week after the convention. 

The deadline to submit the reimbursement form for Ursa Major 2023 is December 13, 11:59 PM Pacific. All badge reimbursements will be processed by December 31. If you do not receive your reimbursement by December 31, please contact us at

How many panelists may participate in a single panel?

There may be up to four (4) number of panelists in a single panel. For application purposes, one individual in the group will be designated as the "panelist", while all other participants will be referred to as “co-panelists”. The panelist on record will serve as the sole representative for all discussion, planning, and scheduling with Ursa Major staff. All panel participants are expected to adhere to our panel policies.

What happens if my panel is selected and I have to cancel?

Please contact us at ASAP if you need to cancel your panel. Panels that have been canceled by the panelist are not eligible for badge reimbursement. If a panel is canceled by Ursa Major staff, panelists will still be reimbursed as if the panel did occur. 


We will have two spaces available for hosting workshops or panels. 


Room Sakura B and C is located on the lobby level of Hotel Kabuki, and is where we will place any workshop-style panels. The space will include large round tables with chairs, but no microphones or projectors. 


The Osaka room is located downstairs on the garden level of Hotel Kabuki, and will have a more traditional panel layout, consisting of a table at front of the room with chairs and microphones for panelists, a video projector, and chairs in rows facing the panelists.


If you have tech requests, make sure to include them into your application. We will accommodate requests to the best of our ability.

  • The Osaka Room will have a video projector, sound system, and microphones. 

  • Panelists are responsible for providing their own laptops. Some HDMI input adapters may be available for use, but they are not guaranteed, therefore we advise panelists to bring their own adapters if needed.

  • Panelists are not allowed to alter the AV setup. Please ask for assistence from Ursa Major staff if any minor adjustments are needed.

  • Ursa Major does not provide panelists with prizes to distribute for panel games or participation. Any and all prizes must be provided by the panelist.

  • Food or drinks cannot be served to members of the audience during a panel or be given away as prizes.

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