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Garnet Gateau

Stitch in Chateau

Date / Time

Stitch in Chateau


Kelp (she/her)

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Hang out with Kelp of Bay Area Kei while she cross-stitches an original Garnet Gateau pattern! This pattern will be available to download online for anyone who would like to handmake an event souvenir. New to counted-thread embroidery? Feel free to come with questions and Kelp will help! (Or at least try to...)


New to counted-stitch embroidery? Feel free to @kelp in our Discord for additional advice on how to get started!

Required Materials:

  • Embroidery hoop (5" round should be fine)

  • Even-weave/Aida cloth (if using pattern colors, I recommend Light Blue)

  • Needle (for 14-count Aida, size 24 tapestry needles are typical)

  • Embroidery Floss (see pattern notes for possible substitutions)

  • Garnet Gateau x Victorian

  • DMC 3802 - Antique Mauve VY DK

  • DMC 3803 - Mauve DK

  • DMC 962 - Dusty Rose MED

  • DMC 818 - Baby Pink

  • DMC 3726 - Antique Mauve DK

  • DMC 402 - Mahogany VY LT

  • Any Light Leaf Green (DMC 320)

  • Any Dark Leaf Green (DMC 3815)

  • Flowers (DMC 552, DMC 3766, DMC 307)

  • Garnet Gateau x Turret

  • DMC 3733 - Dusty Rose

  • DMC 3354 - Dusty Rose LT

  • DMC 963 - Dusty Rose ULT VY LT

  • DMC 814 - Garnet DK

  • DMC 815 - Garnet MED

  • DMC 915 - Plum DK

  • DMC 819 - Baby Pink LT

  • Light and Dark Green (DMC 3816, 3815)

  • Tree Trunk Brown (DMC 3032)

  • Flowers (DMC 347)

Optional: needle threader, thimble, framing materials, fancy drink to sip while you work, etc.

Garnet Gateau x Victorian Pattern Notes:

  • Finished dimensions (14-count Aida): approx 2.5" wide by 3.5" tall

  • Floss colors can be modified to your preference; see pdf pattern for suggestions

Garnet Gateau x Turret Pattern Notes:

  • Finished Dimensions (14-count Aida): roughly 2.5 inches square

  • Floss colors can be modified to your preference; see pdf pattern for exact values of roof, house floss colors to preserve gradient shading effect

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