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Gramarye: The Resurrection

Potions Workshop: Tea, Spirits, and Tea-Infused Spirits

Date / Time

10/10/21, 4:00 AM

Lucy (she/her) of Cottonbook

Hosted by:

Ready to feel like a true cottage witch, complete with your own collection of bottled herbs suspended in mysterious spirits? Cottonbook designer and tea witch Lucy Kagan will guide you in infusing your own liquor, as well as a couple of tea mocktails.

Supply List

Potions Workshop: Tea, Spirits, and Tea-Infused Spirits

Infused spirits ingredients:

  • Gin (if you like gin - if not, use vodka or another neutral/non-flavored liquor)

  • Loose leaf (or bagged) tea and/or dry herbs to your taste (ex: black tea, lavender, rose petals,

  • lemon peel, juniper berries, hibiscus, etc.)

  • Airtight glass vessel(s) such as bottles or jars for storage

Chamomile mocktail ingredients:

  • Dry chamomile flowers

  • Water

  • Honey

  • Tonic (can substitute seltzer for less sweetness)

Mugicha “old fashioned” mocktail ingredients:

  • Barley tea/mugicha

  • Simple syrup (make your own: 1 part water, 1 part sugar, dissolved)

  • Angostura bitters

  • Water

  • Ice

  • Orange slice or twist/maraschino cherry (either or both)


Earl Grey tea-infused gin

Chamomile mocktail

Mugicha mocktail

More tea cocktails and recipes

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