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Lolitas in the Fashion Industry: Q&A Panel

Date / Time

11/15/20, 3:45 AM

Obsixwi (she/her), Halley (she/her) of The Black Ribbon, Ian (he/him) of L.o.M.O. Loungewear, Aria (she/her) of Lilith et Adalia, Stephanie (she/her) of Romantic Serenade, Seams_witch (she/her) of Märchen Maiden, and Oli (she/her)

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Have you ever wondered what it's like to work in the fashion industry? Are you someone considering a fashion degree, or do you want to start your business? Maybe, you're just looking for answers about how production, sourcing, and pricing works. Several lolitas who have worked at various levels in the fashion industry are here to answer your questions!

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