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Gramarye: The Resurrection

How to Wet and Dry Preserve a Specimen

Date / Time

10/10/21, 5:15 AM

Nicole (she/her) of Rosé Forêt

Hosted by:

Nicole from Rose Forêt will demonstrate how to preserve an animal for wet specimens and mummification for the morbid decorator.

How to Wet and Dry Preserve a Specimen

Supply List

  • An ethically sourced specimen

  • 70% (preferably) isopropyl alcohol (2 bottles of it's a large specimen)

  • 70% ethyl alcohol (optional)

  • A jar big enough to hold the specimen and completely cover with liquid

  • A large (horse) syringe with a needle

  • Gloves

  • A work area protected from blood

  • Borax (for mummification)

  • A box large enough to bury the specimen in borax (for mummification)

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