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Gramarye: The Resurrection

Corpse Paint Makeup Tutorial

Date / Time

10/8/21, 11:45 PM

Nycticeivs (she/her)

Hosted by:

"Can you wear corpse paint with lolita?" I don't know, can you? In this tutorial, Emma/Nycticeivs will teach you how to paint your face in this iconic black and white makeup style so you too can be metal af. Also If you want to also wear it with your favorite coord after, go for it. I'm not here to stop you.

Supply List

Corpse Paint Tutorial Supply List

Applying Corpse Paint can be a long, but fun, process! It’s not supposed to be perfect.

Remember to have fun with it!

  • Good white face paint (Mehron’s white creamblend stick) OR Clown white face paint

  • Good black face/body paint (Mehron water based paint)

  • A spray bottle or tiny cup of water (you may need this to activate water based paints)

  • Black eyeshadow

  • Makeup Sponges

  • A good variety of makeup brushes

  • A few thin brushes, varying in thickness (super fine, fine, thin square, etc.

  • Flat shadow brush

  • Large, flat face makeup brush

  • Fluffy

  • etc.

  • Black liquid eyeliner (I recommend an older pen if you have a stash)

  • Black lipstick

  • Paper towels


  • Face primer

  • White setting powder (I use Mehron’s)

  • Powder puff (example)

  • Barrier Spray (something like this one or Urban Decay’s setting spray)

  • Crayon liner (for tightlining and waterlining)

❖ Most of these items you can purchase from a makeup FX supply site like Mehron. I personally use and recommend this brand, as the products are good quality, easy to use, and easily accessible on their site.

❖ I would recommend buying things directly from the retailer sites and NOT from Amazon! Products from Amazon can be expired, fake, or lower quality.

❖ Expect to make a mess! Everything is water based and very easily washable but still, don’t use anything you will be heartbroken over ruining

❖ You don’t HAVE to use black paints/makeup! Feel free to take artistic liberties and use different colors like red or pink!

Brand Recommendations

Ben Nye



Message me on Discord or Instagram if you want makeup brand recommendations for black eyeshadow, liner, or lipstick!

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