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Covenstead Tea Party

Our first major deadline has passed! Thank you all for being so excited to participate in Gramarye. The time slots for Covenstead filled up in 6 hours! We are taking into account the high volume of interest and working on solutions. The best way to be the first in the loop regarding tea party news if you didn't snag a spot is by registering for the waitlist. The form is available on the Gramarye Tea Party page!

In other news, we're so excited to see you all back in the Discord server! We can't wait to spend the month chatting about Halloween, snacks, and our participating brands. The next major date to watch out for is October 10th, our Halloween Special Release date. Be sure to follow the social media of our participating shops to see sneak peeks and updates! We will officially announce their releases next week!

Happy Hauntings,



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