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BIBLIOTHECA GAZETTE ~ September 2023: Fruits of Fall

I tried to make our logo like one of those cursed fruit stickers, but then I couldn't make it too small...anyways you don't need me to tell you I have zero background in graphic design.

Cupcakes & Unicorns - Fruits of Our Labour You know, I was actually figuring most people would take the metaphorical route this month

Thank you for giving me a fruit idea for the background graphics

Really wanna know how much it cost to get all this spot gloss work back in the day… 昔のSewing - Closet-Cleaning for a Goal I look forward to seeing your new tansu!


Crimson Reflections

I feel like I’ve shared this before, but for new readers: the local pronunciation of ‘Toronto’ is due to a very common phonetic process. Now you too can annoy people at parties with this ‘fun’ fact!


Cupcakes & Unicorns

Last minute heatwave, yeah, wouldn’t that be awful? Like it being one hundred (100) degrees Fahrenheit in October?

We here at Bay Area Kei are nodding along…but also we gotta actually, you know, staff the convention, so readers, please be the content you want to see in the world!

I will forever remember the lolita who submitted Bubble Bath as their favorite Meta print, which meant I had to figure out how to best translate “the cats are having a frickin’ bubble bath” into Japanese.


Hello Lizzie Bee

Current inspo~ Retro girly! Different blog post, but congratulations! I hope your baby is ‘sturdy’, which is a real thing multiple research participants have said about people’s babies. Child development studies are kinda wild.



Ah yes…DIY activities and time estimates…

A friend of a friend developed this game! Glad people are enjoying the bunnies.

Measuring tape, sure. You know what’s made me very popular? Scissors.


Mahou Queen

Thrift Trip Ah yes, where I buy all my clip-on earrings…



Victorian Parasol Restoration 2: The Beginning, The Prep I got distracted remembering one of my professor’s horror stories about having a school uniform with celluloid collar stays…



The Iron Maiden Pirate Tavern at Popfancy Oh, it’s those pirates, yes, I see now.


Wear Your Bows

Tea Review: Sip Tea Room Those are some serious scones…

It can’t be said enough - this remains a popular place for events due to its BART-ability


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