BIBLIOTHECA GAZETTE ~ October 2022: Magic

Do you believe in magic? Well, at Bay Area Kei we sure do believe in the magic off J-fashion! Be sure to continue reading to hear our bloggers' takes on this topic ~

Dear Gabriella Marie - Bibliotheca October 2022

You've heard of magical girls, get ready for...magical administrative assistants?

Dearie Dawn - Bibliotheca October: Magic

Did you know that early magical girls were referred to as 魔女っ子majokko because they were often witch-type characters?

I Don't Know Much But I'm Learning - Bibliotheca October Prompt: Magic

Musings on the magic of mori kei!

昔のSewing - Bibliotheca October: Magic

Tales of magical meetings, through the mystical medium of J-fashion✨


Crimson Reflections

Mirror: Innocent World Hair Styling Tutorials

Chockful of gems like "Easy Twin Tails", "Simple Style that looks Elaborate", and "Halloween Cat Ears"!


Cupcakes & Unicorns

D.H. Dhaenens' "Lockhart Mansion" review

Need a new selection for your book club? Cupcake Kamisama reviews this horror/comedy starring lolitas!

1 Dress 4 Looks Take 62

To the tune of "TEETH TEETH TEETH" except it's "LIMITED MEAL"🍔

No Buy Support Wardrobe Challenge: A Print Headbow with a Non-Matching Piece

Wondering if you can make use of random print hair accessories that pop up on used clothing sites? This post is for you!

Lolidrobe Reassessment Post 2022.03

You know what time it is! (Reassessment time. Of Cupcake Kamisama's wardrobe.)


Dear Gabriella Marie

MeLikesTea Rose Petticoat Review

In the market for a new petti? Check out this review of one of the most popular brands!


Dearie Dawn

Halloween 2022: Pumpkins After Dark + My Halloween costume

Hot chocolate, artistic pumpkins, and...Charli XCX? An eventful Hallow's Eve!

Kei Con Tea Party 2022

It's true - wigs plus masks means all us lolitas can't recognize anyone anymore. Maybe we need nametags?