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I was gonna make a Lorde joke, but that's not popular anymore right? (Kinda like royalty themselves, badum tsh!)

Crimson Reflections - Wardrobe Spotlight: Crowns

How can Raine Dragon hold all these crowns??

Cupcakes and Unicorns - Lolita Fashion's True Royalty

Spoiler: this is about cats.

frillSquid - Bibliotheca: Royalty, Crowns, and Rebellion

Us Americans sure do love peanut butter! Well, except those with allergies.

kelp - Royal Purin

Which purin will reign supreme? Kelp fills the fridge with flan in her latest tenuous attempt at fulfilling the Bibliotheca blog theme with non-fashion content.

昔のSewing - Artificial Intelligence, Creativity, and Intellectual Property Rights in Fashion and Art

Fun fact: language-wise, a lot of stuff that’s called “AI” is actually just a Large Language Model, or LLM


Cupcakes & Unicorns

1 Dress 4 Looks Take 65

Featuring Lady Sloth’s Slavic Bestiary!

Why You Should Let Other People Dress You

A much easier proposal for our spreadsheet lolitas…


Dearie Dawn

100 gecs Live at History in Toronto April 22, 2023

*nods in chronically low blood sugar*


Hello Lizzie Bee

IsoBee day trip to the Cotswolds ♡ floral co*de

This American always enjoys looking at Old Stuff in the Old World

I have a special announcement…


Jirai Kei inspo!

This style is super trendy right now!

Building my ryousangata capsule wardrobe

It’s true, capsule wardrobes are a great way to explore new styles…

My faves from Liz Lisa, MA*RS + more in 2023

The latest from brands gals are sure to recognize!



Coaltar of the Deepers

I hope you’re ready to rock(?) to a band Kelp listened to a lot in high school.



Japan Shopping Service – Shopping Service Review

Who needs a fancy website!


Mahou Queen

Maamade Jewelry Review

Do you like sparkly stuff? Good news.

Tulip Festival Recap

Come for the tulips, stay for the cheese fries.

Highland Park 2023

The public politely complimenting a coord, you love to see it!

Pastoral Picnic Meet Recap

Remember - bring savories to the picnic!



Edo Period Coat Restoration: The Reveal

It’s so cool! It’s so old! It’s so big!

Spotlight Series: Troll Fashion (Part 1)

Like the little dolls. They had a couple movies recently. Big hair.

Yagasuri Quilt: The Beginning, The Cutting

Okay, but quilters are so intense tho. Have you seen art quilts? It’s that Iron Giant art meme level stuff.



Working with Shannon Brooke

Yep, very familiar with the whims of the Eye Shadow Gods…



Brunch Meets Tea Time at the Honeysuckle High Tea

It’s time for Stephano to make me hungry again…

Fluffy Tori Kawaii Fashion Show at A-Kon

Waow, a swimsuit!

A-Kon 2022 Lolita Fashion Tea Party

Readers, I’ll be honest. The phrase “Texican Court” stopped me in my tracks to go do some research. (Also, hi Iris!)


Wear Your Bows

Tea Review: DIY!

A pup in your cup? It’s more likely than you think.

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