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BIBLIOTHECA GAZETTE ~ December 2022: Favorite Things

♪These a few of our favorite things♬ Maybe you like them too? No pressure.

Sleep is the one true answer, isn't it?

Cupcakes and Unicorns - Favourite Brands I Don't Own Yet

Multiple members of Bay Area Kei are fans of some of these brands! (Shocking, I know.)

A busy year of...going outside? Couldn't be me.

Over 150 coord shots?! (Don't worry, only 8 made the cut) Kelp - Sentimental (Sexy?) Christmas Do you like this thing called “city pop”? Trying to get it on this Santa day? (Kelp this is getting weird) Enjoy some of my favorite romantic Christmas songs! Lovelylaceandlies - My 5 Favorite Things from 2022

Thanks for being a part of FanimeCon J-Fashion Programming! For no specific reason.

No shame in not being a spreadsheet lolita - it's a hard path to tread...

A variety of categories! A plethora of pictures!

Please check out Hoshibako Works, but Kelp also hopes you will check out Ozz On (it's relevant, I swear!)

Wear Your Bows - Favorite Outfits of 2022

You know what you're signing up for with that title!


Crimson Reflections

Bobbin lace? Certificates of authenticity? Splash-proof blouses? This ain't your mama's indie lolita brand...

Raines Guide: Removing Ink from Clothing This type of stain is notoriously tough!

(Crimson) Reflections: 10 Years of Blogging A useful read for both those new to blogging as well as us old hands

Lolita Wardrobe Size vs. Perception in 2016 and 2020 Kelp very much relates to resuming a project years later...anyways, if you like Numbers, this post is for you!


Cupcakes & Unicorns

Well, well, well, look who it is! Thanks for your purchase♡

It's a rare occasion when a post other than Stephano's makes me hungry...

Ah, yes, some places have predictable 'seasonal weather', by which you can divide your wardrobe...



A great resource for those new to Japanese auction sites!


Josine Maaike

Bay Area Kei officially endorses these resolutions. Best of luck!


Hello Lizzie Bee

What's blogmas? Well, it's not vlogmas, as that involves Daily Video Editing. Props to Lizzie for finding a way around that chore! Tsubasaism: The Autobiography

Did you know gals tend to come from working class backgrounds? Lizzie shares an interesting snippet of a fan translation of famous gal Tsubasa Masuwaka's memoirs!

Friends AND food? How can you go wrong? (Nothing went wrong, btw! That was rhetorical!)

Getting distracted by Pokemon G O, eh? No one here at Bay Area Kei can relate to that, nope!

There's no haul like one from Santa!



J-Fashion Interviews – Haraguchi from Na+H (GLP, 2007) A not-milquetoast interview with not the designer of gothic brand Na+H…but rest assured, I still have some grievances.



The fact Kelp had no idea this started in the EGL Livejournal community tells you a lot about how active she was there...(Classic lolita problems, haha)

The big gift-giving holidays may be over, but this advice applies year-round!


Luna by the Lake with Cake

The latest from Meta, Baby, and Angelic Pretty!

This is on Kelp's to-do list...

Weather messing up your fit? We at Bay Area Kei wouldn't know anything about that! (Thanks for braving the rain, Holiday Pop-up attendees...)

Make a note for next year!

It's that time of year! Protip: you can't break any resolutions you didn't make...


Mahou Queen

A glass Christmas tree? That and much more in this meetup wrap-up!

You've heard of the 12 days of Christmas, get ready for the 12 coords of 2022!

The final wishlist update of the year...wait a trip to California? Happy travels!

We've had panels on wearing lolita in cold weather, but making a note that future J-Fashion Uni should have "How to pack lolita for a trip"



Come for the Japanese kimono lesson, stay for the surprise dog pic!

Yes, there is More Dog (as well as two gorgeous dresses)



As always, Kelp personally recommends Money.



Okay I already plugged Ozz On, but I had no idea Algonquins came back! A staple of Kelp's everyday closet.

Fun fact: Kelp primarily got into lolita through watching Malice Mizer's merveilles concert in about 2001...

Finally, I thought, a Stephano food post that won't make me hungry! (Cuz Kelp is allergic to fish. YMMV.) But then I got burned by the miso cheesecake at the end.


Sweet Dreams

Happy Anniversary! (Kelp misses going to izakayas...)


Wear Your Bows

A continuing saga of attempting to wear all the things!

Thanks for attending! See you next year!


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