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BIBLIOTHECA GAZETTE ~ April 2023: Florals

April showers bring...April flowers. (Listen, they can't all be winners.)

Bay Area Kei - Non-Print Floral Fabric Options to Use in Your Coords Our own obsixwi talks fabric - I won't make the obvious joke (not that one, the other one. You'll know it when you see it.)

Crimson Reflections - Violets & Pansies In Lolita

I’m just here for all the Emily Temple Cute.

It’s true, classic lolitas will find this hashtag relatable.

Sakura blossoms and…permanency? frillSquid explains.

Imported ingredients, handmade graham cracker crusts, special dishware…for lackluster results. Looks nice, tho!

Lovelylaceandlies - Florals: the one thing that lolitas agree on I was surprised to find out there are people who don’t own any florals…

So actually for something to be a “language”- did I get you? Don’t worry, I’m not going there. (There are official criteria though.)


Crimson Reflections

Lotta opinions in this article! MILK’s response is a real one.

It can get pretty hot and uncomfortable over here for West Coast cons as well, but at least we don’t have humidity…

Lots of useful tips in here, but honestly I felt the most power from learning the general name for those cleaning “erasers”.


Cupcakes & Unicorns

Admirably checking in on New Year’s goals, meanwhile I can’t even remember if I made any…

I remember seeing someone complain about contemporary Western pattern instructions being too handhold-y and I thought “’d rather have the opposite?”

You know the drill.


Josine Maaike

Who doesn’t love a bustier, tho.


Hello Lizzie Bee

Cherry blossoms, s’ketti, and dessert? What more do you need?

Great inspo for anyone looking to incorporate a graphic tee into their coords!

Honestly, I probably would’ve ordered the same thing.

Afternoon tea with Isobel 💕 Bay Area Kei members are very familiar with “purposely eating something and paying for it later”...

One time there was an extremely sweet varsity jacket at a local thrift store but not at all in my size. I think about it still.



Another prolific Japanese electronic musician passed, so I made another sad post.

Have you played any entries in the Style Savvy video game franchise? …Cuz one of them has a seemingly completely unnecessarily bizarre conceit!

“Is this kugel?” Nope! Peruse some of my vintage cookbook collection as I try yet another retro dessert. Third time’s the charm, right? Right?


Mahou Queen

I somehow forgot sushi burritos were a thing…



Sometimes patterning is quick! This was luckily one of those times. Edo Period Coat Restoration: The Collar

It’s true, having interfacing on hand is pretty much always a good idea.



My Hero Academia Inspired Cafe | Haru Matsuri at Popfancy I actually ate a piece of cheese toast before starting the newsletter this time, so I wasn’t got. (Still wanna go to all these theme cafes tho…)

A farewell to a well-known Larme-kei brand…


Wear Your Bows

This clotted cream hound would have likely been satisfied, but lolitas agree: More Savories Please!


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