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Ursa Major 2023

Unofficial Meetups

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Unofficial Meetups


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Looking to meet up with other attendees during the convention? We’ve  created a dedicated forum in the Bay Area Kei Discord server for  scheduling meetups and gatherings! Whether you’re looking for players  for a specific game in the Game Lounge, organizing a themed photoshoot,  or simply looking to grab dinner, this is the place to find your people!

Meetups  may take place inside badged convention areas as long as they do not  conflict with any events taking place at the time, or they can happen  outside of badged convention areas. Please note that non-badged  convention spaces within the hotel are accessible to the general public.  Convention attendees should be respectful of other hotel-goers using  these public spaces. Bay Area Kei reserves the right to remove any  meetup threads for any reason. Bay Area Kei is also not responsible for  moderating any unofficial meetups hosted outside of convention space.

Join the Discord!

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