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Gramarye: The Resurrection

DIY or Die: Cemeterrarrium Craft-Along

Date / Time

10/10/21, 6:30 AM

Obsixwi (she/her), Halley (she/her), Nycticeivs (she/her)

Hosted by:

Join Obsixwi in her attempt to create a spooky terrarium! This panel will be a casual chat-and-craft. Bring your own materials if you'd like to follow along!

DIY or Die: Cemeterrarrium Craft-Along*


❖ Open glass container

❖ Stones and/or soil

❖ Craft moss

❖ Other faux foliage as desired (trees, succulents)

❖ Graveyard miniatures (tombstones, pumpkins, skeletons, etc.)

*Please note that this craft is for decorative purposes only and will not make a living terrarium!

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