Come show off your Halloween and J-fashion knowledge in a spooky Kahoot session! 

Plentiful Pie is hosting a Halloween and J-fashion-themed trivia event on Kahoot! Viewers can participate by joining the Twitch stream. We will play three rounds, and each round can hold 10 players each. The TOP TWO players from each round (six finalists) will enter the grand finals, and the grand winner will win a prize! No prior registration is necessary, but because spots are limited, joining as a player will be decided by first-come first-serve basis. Prize is available to US and Canada residents only. The winner will be contacted through Twitch for shipping information.

The winner will receive an accessory donated by Plentiful Pie!

How to play:

  1. Join the Twitch stream. Please have a Twitch account, as that is how we will be contacting the winner.

  2. Pie will stream the game on Twitch and explain all rules at the start of the panel.

  3. To join, go to the website displayed on the screen and type in the code (you can join via your browser or on mobile).

  4. In order to make things fair, you may only participate in ONE of the first 3 rounds.

  5. Please use your Twitch name to join the game as your screen name on Kahoot. 

  6. Joining a game is first-come, first serve. There is space for 10 players per round.

  7. If you are one of the top two winners from the first 3 rounds, please stay until the end so you can participate in the final round.

  8. If you are a viewer, please do not type out any answers in the chat!