Check out all out previous DIY Craft or Food panels below!


Bloody Devil: A Guro Lolita DIY! | Cursed Kaiser | Product List


Want to create the perfect Spooky DIY accessory? Please tune in to see how you can create your own choker and bracelet set!
To follow along, be sure to purchase the recommended supplies in advance!

Cocktails and Crafts: Ugly Sweater Craft-Along! | Rae of Rosé Forêt​ 

Craft & Chill

Grab your glue guns and a favorite drink and join the Rosé Forêt and Bay Area Kei teams for a seasonal craft-along; your very own ugly sweater! There is no designated kit as we love to see how everyone's creative juices flow, so feel free to get as ugly as you'd like! Post your results and participate in our Instagram challenge.

DIY Floral Headwear with Puvithel | Puvithel 


Make your own floral headband with Puvithel using simple wire-wrapping techniques.

DIY Sock Plushie Usakumya Craft Workshop | Jessica Corlett of Flapjac Fashion Craft Events | Product List


Learn to make quick and easy sock plushies with Jessica Corlett. Suitable for all skill levels as it requires only a little bit of hand sewing. Use materials you already have around your house! Gift them to your valentine or yourself; you can even style your plushie to create a tribute to the lovely Usakumya.

DIY with Eat Me Ink Me: Head-bows! | Zeloco of Eat Me Ink Me


Learn how to make a head-bow (or any bow, really) following my simple tutorial. Some sewing will be required, but don't be afraid to try anyway! You'll be surprised! You will learn how to make a basic bow as well as how to alter the design to make it more you. I will be sharing tips and tricks and answering any burning questions you might have

DIY with Paradise Rose Shop: Fairy Kei Star Clips | Lili of Paradise Rose Shop


Learn how to make a fairy kei star clip/pin with the designer of Paradise Rose Shop. These clips are a staple in fairy kei and lolita fashion for many years. During the panel you’ll learn everything you need to know about how these clips are made. Kits are available to purchase for the event, or even after as the panel will be recorded, on the Paradise Rose Shop Etsy page.

DIY With Paradise Rose: Bat Wing Headbands | Lili of Paradise Rose Shop


Learn how to make a spoopy bat wing headband with the designer of Paradise Rose Shop. During the panel you’ll learn everything you need to know about how these headbands are made. Kits are available to purchase for the event, or even after as the panel will be recorded, on the Paradise Rose Shop Etsy page.

Intro to Drawing with J-Fashion | Yumi of Yumiyumyum Illustrations


Do you want to draw yourself or your friends in a J-fashion outfit? Or maybe you want to experiment with new fashion styles in your art? This panel will address: overcoming initial artwork related worries, finding your art style, putting your work out in the public, and what you can do with your artwork once you have gained confidence.

J-Fashion Sewing - How to Pattern a Gored Skirt | Halley of The Black Ribbon


Want to know how to make a classic A-line skirt? Let’s do it at 1/2 scale together and you can try it out on your own at full size later!

Kanzashi Christmas Flower Accessories From Scrap Fabric WorkshopJessica Corlett of Flapjac Fashion Craft Events | Product List 


Learn simple Japanese fabric flower making techniques in a 90min online craft workshop with Jessica Corlett. Use whatever fabric scraps you have to create festive hair accessories and other Christmas decorations for your home. It’s origami done with fabric!

Lolita Christmas Cards Yumi of Yumiyumyum Illustrations | Download the Artwork


Join Yumi to create some lolita themed christmas cards that you can make for you or your friends!

Resin Crafting for J-Fashion: Jewelry, Accessories, and More! Julie of Sweet Juju


Do you LOVE sparkly shiny resin jewelry? Are you interested in learning about how these pieces are made, or even trying it out for yourself? Join Juju, the designer behind Sweet Juju, as she takes you to the magical world of resin! Learn about different types of resin, how to work with them safely, and different techniques you can use to create your own unique pieces!

Spooky Color-Along | Thyminet | Download the Artwork

Craft & Chill

J-fashion & Halloween-inspired illustration color-along & chit chat. Download an illustration by artist, Thymine, and either print it out or color in digitally! She will coloring along live on stream, and chatting about a variety of topics, including: art, why we love spooky season, and our favorite spooky trends or in J-fashion in general.

Stitch in Chateau | Kelp | Supplies & Pattern Here

Craft & Chill

Hang out with Kelp of Bay Area Kei while she cross-stitches an original Garnet Gateau pattern! This pattern will be available to download online for anyone who would like to handmake an event souvenir. New to counted-thread embroidery? Feel free to come with questions and Kelp will help! (Or at least try to...)


Crafting a Cup of Coffee | Charlie & Kera | Supply List


Join part-time barista NeoRococoMemes (Charlie) as they take you through the world of coffee, from the beans you buy, to the methods of brewing, to the joe you know and love.

Delicious Snacks for Tea Time | Elyachan | Ingredients List


Excited for the tea party and want to step up your snack game? Get ideas for putting together a three-tiered menu of savories, breads, and sweets, and follow along as we make tea sandwiches and easy pastries to enjoy tomorrow!

DIY Cocktail Mix-Along: Winter EditionNif of Pretty Princess ClubCocktail Recipe


It's winter, are you ready to come a-wassailin'? Wait, what's "wassail," anyway? Find out with Nif from PPC, as she walks you through two warm winter cocktails - 1 make-ahead, and 1 simple for last-minute merriment.

EGL Treats: Patisserie RomantiqueAllegra & Oriana of EGL Treats | Ingredients List


A second installment of EGL Treats Livestream: Join lolitas Allegra and Oriana for a romantic patisserie getaway as they bake two simple and charming treats. Treats will include a ruby chocolate ganache tart and love letter hand-pies. Baking level will be easy and fun with dietary variations available!

EGL Treats: Woodland Morsels DIY Allegra & Oriana of EGL Treats | Ingredients List

Join lolitas Kristen and Oriana for a DIY panel where they teach you how to make some cute morsels to enjoy during the Winter in the Woodlands tea party! They will be making a special treat featuring peppermint bark and meringue mushrooms for a forest fantasy feast. Dietary accommodations variations also available!

Merry Widow and Fluffy Ruffles: Recreating Vintage Sodas | Jason of Blackbird Finery | Ingredients List


How the 19th century drugstore soda fountain let the carbonated genie out of the bottle. Jason R. Merrill of Blackbird Finery will tell the stories behind (and how to make) the Merry Widow and the Fluffy Ruffles. Recipes and ingredient list in comments.

Royal Ruby: Antique Sodas and Sundaes Jason of Blackbird Finery | Ingredients List


Jason R. Merrill of Blackbird Finery demonstrates how to make the 'Royal Ruby' and other antique sodas and sundaes.

Savory Snacks for SocializingElyachan | Ingredients List


Hungry for something delicious to nosh on during the Social Mixer? Follow along as we make simple savory pastries and prosciutto rose tea sandwiches, and get ideas for other delights to add to your Afternoon Tea meal!

The Mad Science of the 19th Cent. Soda Fountain | Jason of Blackbird Finery​ | Ingredients List


Jason R Merrill of Blackbird Finery demonstrates recipes from the golden age of Soda Fountains.


Vegas Royal-Tea Cocktail Mix-Along | Nif of Pretty Princess Club | Cocktail Recipe


Looking for a little vacation in a glass? Grab a pouch of our signature Vegas Royal-Tea from our merch store and get ready for a DIY cocktail mix-along. Check our blog post for all the ingredients and steps to do in advance, and get ready to feel like Royalty.

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