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"The pen is mightier than the sword."

Bay Area Kei is pleased to announce our latest endeavor, Bibliotheca. Before the advent of social media websites, J-fashion knowledge was primarily discussed in Western communities on online blogging communities such as Livejournal. Longer-format posts allowed for users to partake in lengthy discussions, post reviews, share resources, and otherwise engage with their community. Today, this is still the preferred format for many J-fashion enthusiasts, and in an effort to make individual works more accessible, Bay Area Kei will be promoting J-fashion blogs on this webpage and through a monthly opt-in newsletter.


We will keep an updated list of blogs with descriptions of the authors and general topics covered on this webpage. This will allow readers to browse through a list of blogs at their own leisure based on their own interests. We will also send out a monthly newsletter to those who opt-in, which contains a summary of blog posts made that month by our affiliated authors.   


We will be selecting blogs to promote through an application process. Applications will stay open indefinitely, so feel free to apply at any time! Please note that we will be jurying blogs based on (but not limited to) these criteria:


  • Writing ability

  • Website accessibility and quality

  • How long you have had your blog

  • How often it is updated

  • Do you make posts about J-fashion resources, events, arts and crafts, community, and general discourse​​


The application form is open! If you wish to be promoted in our first batch of authors, please submit your form no later than April 25th. We will send out acceptance and rejection forms within a week of your application. Please feel free to contact us directly at if you have questions or concerns!


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